What you get:
-TuaViso unit
-Water dispenser
-Instruction Book
-Leather carry bag
-Extra sponges
-Mini guide
-DVD video
-Retail box



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Nov 21 2005

I have been using the Tua Viso successfully for about 3 weeks.  I am very happy with the results so far and can't wait to see how much more the Tua Viso will do for me.  Kathy M.


I had to compliment you on your fine product.  I have been using TuaViso for 3 months now and can tell you I have received many compliments from friends and co-workers on how good I look.  The results have been beyond what I had hoped for.  I  Thank you,

Keiko, HI



Iím so excited! I just had to email you.  Just today, while buying a bottle of wine, the clerk asked to see my I.D.  I am 38 years old and canít remember the last time this happened to me.  I showed him my I.D. and he said  ďoh, you look so youngĒ.  Iíve had a smile on my face all day!  I just want you to know, you have a wonderful product!  I love my tuaviso!




I purchased a Tua Viso machine from your company and can't begin to tell you how much it has changed my life.  I look better than I did 10 years ago,  I use it everyday.   I love my machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Laurie W


Thank you for such fast delivery on my order for Tua Viso.

Mary R.



I just want you to know, men use your product too.  I was contemplating having surgery done to enhance my features, I even saw a surgeon and got an estimate and consultation.  While looking on the web for "risks to plastic surgery" I found Tua Viso!  I thought for the money I would give it a try. I took a before picture to see if there would be a change.   Well, the results were amazing!  The tua viso did everything I was hoping to accomplish with surgery.  The change was slow and steady.  After two weeks many of my friends asked if I had lost weight.  People I have known for years tell me I look good and think I have lost weight (which I haven't).  Tua Viso has changed my life!

A tua viso user for life!