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Founded in 1978, Vupiesse Italia is today a leading manufacturer of electronic appliances for personal use in the electrostimulation and body-care industry. Its products are exported to various countries in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Its business activities also comprise the
designing and manufacture of electronic medical
equipment for professional and beauty-care use.

Vupiesse Italia uses advanced computerized design systems and sophisticated laboratory equipment for measurement and control; the company also uses pre/full-compliance instruments for checking conducted and radiated electromagnetic disturbance immunity. The products undergo scientific tests and careful medical research.

The manufacturing process is subject to stringent quality controls and the company’s Certified Quality System is in conformity with UNI-EN-ISO 9001 and UNI-CEI-EN 46001 standards.

TUA VISO is an electronic unit for facial gymnastics. The extremely advanced miniaturized electronic circuitry  generates trains of sine wave pulses which are vicona.gif (2470 bytes)specific for delicate facial muscles and indicated by a green LED. Thanks to their particular form and frequency, these waves induce precise muscular exercises without provoking any unpleasant pain. Small face.gif (13660 bytes)

During life, our face undergoes visible changes: wrinkles appear and become more accentuated, the face's oval changes its lines, the skin loses its normal elasticity and becomes superfluous, causing bags under the eyes, flabby cheeks and relaxation on the neck. Cosmetics can effectively moisturize and smooth the skin, but to lift the face, something must be done to the structural parts, i.e. the muscles. So the face's skin lies on and is attached to a
structural "carpet" made up of numerous muscles: their loss of tone and compactness is the main cause of loose skin and aging of the face. Managing to keep sufficient volume and tropism, particularly at the level of the less-used fiber's, means restoring a face's youthful looks.

TUA VISO features patented
self-moistening VP BOX electrodes.
These are parts of fundamental
importance, since the pulses reach the skin by means of their action. TUA VISO has special patented VP BOX
electrodes. These original spring-loaded spheres covered in soft
sponge enable practical positioning on any area of the face and delicate
contact with the skin; moreover, as they operate with water, the
unit can be used immediately, without
any need for special conductive gels
. TUA VISO is a patented machine, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy; it is in conformity with the most stringent international standards and is
covered by quality and safety marks.

The TUA VISO comes with a soft velour carrying case, extra sponges, a water bottle, visual mini instruction cards and a complete instruction booklet. The TUA VISO has a built-in electronic timer on the LED screen making it easy and convenient to use!!