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Tua Viso  VS.  Similar Products

Tua Viso requires no cream, simply fill water containers and the sponges will stay constantly moist.  Your skin never contacts metal, the electrical pulse transfers smoothly to create a firm muscle activation,  there is never a risk of burn or shock to the skin.  Tua Viso has a built in timer that lets you know when you are done with an area.  Easy to use, Fast and it works.  Nothing else compares to the Tua Viso in quality and design. Some facial products require application of a cream to  electrodes after every exercise.  Applying and reapplying cream takes time which detracts from the usability of the product.  It increases the amount of time one must dedicate to the system, this can be discouraging for many users.  Contacting the skin with bare steel electrodes can cause painful shocks.  Others may seem the same but none have the patented design of Tua Viso.

Tua Viso   VS.  Facial Creams

Tua electrical medical equipment are scientifically proven and are in use in hospitals and university centers.   Your Tua Viso does what no skin cream can do, Activate  the muscle structure beneath your skin.  Tua Viso passes micro currents through your skin, this increases oxygenation and circulation, the effect is a visible tightening of fibres, and the added formation of elastic fibres.  Metabolism is increased at a cellular level rejuvenating skin tissue, reducing wrinkles, and in most cases reversing  signs of aging. There are many creams and lotions on the market.  Many of these products are excellent for keeping your skin smooth, protecting from damaging sun rays.  We recommend using a cream that both moisturizes and protects from U.V. rays.  lotions have limitations, they must be applied daily for long term benefit..  Lotions can not LIFT the underlying muscle structure.  If you purchase a cream please understand the limitations, don't be fooled by "miracle creams" that make unbelievable promises.

Tua Viso  VS. Facial Exercise

With the use of Tua Viso, key muscles groups can easily be targeted.  One example: there is an area behind your ear "the Auricle" impossible to contract without the use of Tua Viso, this exercise has a lifting effect on the cheek. There is no guess work, the contractions are tight and true.  The whole process is fast and efficient.  Tua Viso not only works the face but, the neck, chin, and Jaw line.

We see Tua Viso as an investment.  Many times it is the equipment that makes the difference in results.  Tua Viso is a small investment for a lifetime of results.

The theory is, to cause muscle stimulation through various facial expressions and movements.  The vast majority of individuals can not move all the muscles most responsible for lifting the facial structure.  Simply put, there is no conscious neurological connection to these muscles.  Once you use the Tua Viso you will understand that muscles in your face that you didn't even know you had will be working to lift your face through the use of electrical stimulation.  Although some exercises (though difficult) can be useful, they must be done right, and worse, if they are done wrong or the wrong exercise is performed, it can cause the opposite effect of a less desirable look.

Tua Viso  VS.  Salon Visit

It is more cost effective to pay a one time fee for the cost of the Tua Viso unit.  The time you spend learning and using the Tua Viso will be less than the time spent driving  to and from the Salon. Salons charge upwards of $100 or more for this treatment.  Repeated visits will cost thousands over time.  Treatments are very effective and are performed by professionals.  Salon offers other service such as massage and lotions.

Tua Viso VS. Surgery

Tua Viso is a non-surgical non-evasive for those who want an alternative and want to avoid the risk of surgery.  The draw back is Tua Viso is a slow and gradual progression compared to plastic surgery. The benefits of cosmetic surgery are immediate and dramatic.  the draw backs are numerous, starting with cost and ending in possible death,  permanent disfigurement or ailment.  

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