We're back!  The Intella Voice operated lamp commander by LampCommander.com


How Does the voice activated outlet work?

Turn on any lamp just by saying the word lights. The first voice recognition light control. Plugs into A/C outlet then plug your lamp into the Voice Activated Outlet.  Can also be programmed to respond to any word or words you choose, for example: turn your Christmas tree lights on or off by saying "Merry Christmas".

Most types of lights including incandescent and halogen.

Various small household appliances.


The Voice Outlet switch is a stand alone unit. Installation is as simple as plugging it into a standard outlet and then plugging the item to be controlled into the Voice Outlet. Our voice controlled unit operates on 120 volts AC / 60 Hz and it is capable of handling loads up to 200 watts (max power). However, we recommend only using lamps up to 150 watts with the switch.

Think About It:

  • Makes a great gift

  • Used by many handicap

  • Helps elderly be independent

  • Impress your coworkers

  • Surprise your friends and family

What our customers are saying:

Thanks for offering the Intela Voice when I found out the old "Commander" was discontinued I was really bummed but, now that I received my Intela Voice with dimmer, it's like a new and improved product.  Thanks Again!  Jim L. HI.


Dear Lamp Commander, I got this for my Dad "who has everything"  He was so surprised! He had no idea that anything like a voice activated outlet even existed.  The present was a definite Hit! Cindy, CA


Dear LampCommander.com, Just got my intella voice, thanks for the quick shipping, had fun with it for hours.  C.J. Texas


Dear LampCommander, You don't know how much this product means to me.  My son is paralyzed, needless to say things can be challenging.  When I got him the Voice Outlet it just light up his life.  He shows it off to everyone.  It has been a real joy and a useful tool.  Thanks so much Sarah, in AZ


Dear Lamp Commander, you can tell everyone I give this product two thumbs up.  DiyHut sent it with quick shipping and the product works just as advertised.  John C. San Diego CA



Conserves energy; increases bulb life Constant listening. Speaker independent operation, allowing it to work with anyone's voice. Preprogrammed vocabulary, no training required. High speed speech recognition and command response.

Supplies of the Intela Voice are limited as production has stopped,  order yours now while we still have them in stock.

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